Technology Excellence

FTI drive for technology excellence and innovation comes from our commitment to development and improvement and simply translated, means striving to be the best (Excellence) and then keep doing it (Beyond).

Our mission is to continually seek out the very best strategies and systems, package them to make them usable , then make them accessible to today’s business leaders (corporate managers and small business owners) to help them achieve success in their companies and their careers.

Over the years our research, de-construction models and systems has developed areas of expertise in Masterminding, Marketing, Leadership and Productivity.

Some examples of our successful achievement of FTI Technology Excellence:

  • In short time FTI has become the preferred supplier of professional grade products to the industry via respected A grade brands and via our own brand Falcon Media, Professional, Archival and Medical lines.
  • FTI was the first accepted company outside Japan to produce BD-R and RE discs with Japanese manufacturing code for sales in Japan
  • FTI repeatedly receives industry-leading audit scores in external audits by Customers, technology partners and ISO audits
  • FTI is an approved supplier of Gold DRL CD-R and DVD-R products developed and patented by a leading Japanese brand designed for maximum drive compatibility and long lasting archival performance
  • FM has successfully launched a medical archival grade line for Medical use
  • FTI has secured this position by not compromising on material selection or quality inspection plans and grading.
  • FTI successfully developed inkjet and thermal printing processes suitable for B2B and professional Customers